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History & Logo

In 1941, A.D. Amick started with one small chicken house, a wood fired wash pot and 500 baby chicks. The first deliveries of fresh dressed chicken were packed in barrels of ice and loaded on the back of a B-model Ford.

From the beginning, A.D. was dedicated to supplying his neighbors with the freshest, best tasting chicken at a reasonable price. Soon, satisfied customers gave him a new name. For the rest of his life A.D. was known as "Chick" Amick. "Chick" Amick made quality, integrity and service the core values of his growing business. The founder's son, Bill Amick, brought Amick Farms into the twenty first century by creating a marriage of old-fashioned values and new technology.

Today, over seventy years later, quality, integrity and service are still the key standards at Amick Farms. These high standards are achieved by utilizing a system of "Comprehensive Integration" that allows Amick Farms to actively manage every step of the production process, from the egg to the final product delivered to the customer.

In August of 2006, OSI Group acquired Amick Farms to expand their meat processing portfolio. We are now part of the 11th largest meat manufacturing company in the world.

Our Logo
The outer form is an unbroken circle, which represents a continuous, unending commitment to the goals of the company.

The twenty-one eggs that define the circle represent the beginning of the lifecycle in poultry. A baby chick hatches from the egg in twenty-one days.

Within the circle we display a spur with three points on a field of blue. Blue is the color of truth and honesty, which have always been the guiding principles of Amick Farms.

The three-pronged spur represents the constitution of each and every person - our spirit, mind and body.

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